Tuesday , May 28 2024

Maami (Mum) Lyrics

Verse 1
As the cool summer breeze slaps the silky curtains
I engage my mind thinking of mum’s courage
Her pride as a mum will melt any child’s soul
She’ll give away her eyeballs to build me a home
Handsome is her smiles pretty is her words
When I look into her eyes I see diamonds and pearls

Pre chorus
I’m proud to say, She’s got a dancing heart
I’m proud to say, She’s a shinning star

Maaa Mi, Ijo eda ooo [my mum where’s your dance] Mama mi, wa jijo ayo re [come and dance your dance of joy ] Maa mi, Mama Mi oo [ my mum [2x] Maa mi Mama Mi oo [my mum [2x]

Verse 2
When mum cries It 4 joy, she smiles heavens rejoice
She’ll bear pain for my comfort, but still humble to the core
She’ll go through the thorny roads of life just to make things right,
She’s a Godly mum that knows her onions
Beautiful nonsense she’ll resist, strict holiness she’ll permits
When she speak’s heaven listens and I, follow her teachings

Pre-chorus & Chorus

Put on your dancing shoes
Put on your prestige too
Get on the dancing floor
This song is made for you
This is your day of Joy
We appreciate You

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