Wednesday , April 24 2024

Malcolm Rue – Chasing Shadows Lyrics

This cars don’t mean a thing
This fame don’t mean a thing
This cash don’t mean a thing
They’re just passing shadows
They’re just passing shadows

Verse 1
Waking up chasing money chasing dreams
Mehn I almost killed myself
9 to 5, 5 to 9 I be on the grind
Tryna prove myself
My mama said my papa said
You gotta be the man like the future say
Late nights and long flights
Head full of dreams am a trapped Soul
Conversation conversation
Bad decisions my friend lost his life
In our city money the first thing
Love and trust was the last thing
He trying hard to be an icon
What a shame look at the outcome
If you buy the world
And get all the power
Hope you buy your life
Hope you save your soul

Verse 2
He sold his soul for the money
We all sell ours souls not for money
For these cars and for the gold
We all sell our souls to achieve a goal
He can kill for possession
She can strip to get attention
If the price is right then its alright
They can give it all no emotion
Its funny how they deceived us
That money chasing is the real course
Miseducation was the worst deception
The whole reception was a bad decision
So I hope you rich I hope you famous
I hope you making all the six figures
I hope you good n I hope you happy
I hope all your dreams really happen
Do you know who you are
Do you know why you here
Your life goals
And your purpose
You can die today
You can die tonight
But when the sun goes down
I hope it’s worth it