Monday , June 24 2024

Malcolm Rue – Everyday Lyrics

Verse 1
When my soul don’t feel your hello
And My sun don’t shine the same
You’re my inspiration
Without you i fade away

I keep on running back to you
I keep on chasing you everyday
I keep on running back to you
I Keep on chasing you everyday
Everyday 3x
Everyday everyday of my life

Verse 2
This life will pass away
This fame will fade away
When they turn my lighters out
Hope i find the your joy inside
So what am i really here for
If i gat no dreams i could die for
I see the rise i see the fall
I see the truth right behind this metaphor
My mind is grey i feel a kind of way
Whether Black or white its really hard to say
I mean all my life have been chasing shadows
The fools gold for eternal joy
I dance around for the wrongest reasons
the pressure people really using me
Stepped back looking at the new me
Became the same man i warned myself against
What a life what a life without you here you can see just how i strive
You see my smile you see my frown you can read my heart standing from a thousand mile
These cars dont make my smile
Spotlight can’t take your shine
Running back running back
A thousand times
Again and again back to you

Verse 3
Woke up like a piece of me
Feeling like i dont need myself
They all thought i was so perfect
Now they see where my flaws at
The rest of me wants the best of me
But i was lost in a dreamers dream
I feel the guilt when i write this song
Feel so much better with saddest song
There’s alot happening in the world today
i get blind to them no matter what they say
The universe really trying to change me
Society tryna rearrange me
I need to step back n find myself
See the blur pictures i have been painting lately
Am awake to need of you
I feel my pulse i can even hear you calling
Waking up each passing day
Knowing that no no i can not stay
Your my love my life my peace of mind
The only peace that i can ever mind
This money cant take your place
Nothing matters till i see your face
Running back running back
A thousand times
Again and again back to you