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Melvin Ukay – God is Here Lyrics

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Melvin Ukay – God is Here Lyrics

Verse 1
I’m alive to God
I’m a wonder
I would keep my mind always stayed on him
Mountains high valleys low
Yet the righteous stands nothing compares to your amazing love

You give your angels charge over me
You’re my shield and defender
I live and breathe for you Abba father
You get the glory right now

There’s so much faith in the atmosphere
God is here
In his presence there’s liberty
God is here
Shouts of joy in the room right now
God is here
Miracles happening everywhere
God is here

Verse 2
I’m renewed, I’m REBORN. I am saved by grace
No more fear, no more shame, I sing a brand new song
I am called, justified, I know who I am
That’s why I sing and I dance just the way I do

Repeat pre-chorus and chorus

Oh oh oh
God is here
oh oh oh
God is here


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