Wednesday , May 29 2024

Mike Isaac – You are Beautiful Lyrics

Oh oh oh (3x) oh…oh (2x)

1. Great and Mighty God
You are so beautiful to me
And gratefully will I sing
Ima-Obong… Mfon – Obong (2x)

You are so beautiful to me
Your wonders to me are untold
You’re my Ancient of Days
Afo-Omofon … Afome – Ayaya

You are beautiful (3x) to me (2 xs) (5D/C)

2. I would have been dead and gone
You decided to save me Lord
Yes I’m so greatful Lord
Sosong Obong… Obong Bo-Itoro (2x)

You are the life I live
You are the Song I sing
You are the air I breathe
Obong Bo-Ekom… Sosong Obong (2x)


I didn’t know how much you love me
Until you came to the world to die because of me… oh because of me
You have sworn that You’ll never ever live me
Nor will you ever forsake me
Sosogho for been there for me…oh for been there for me

You are beautiful (3x) to me (2x)
(Repeat Chorus Till fade)

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Thanks to Mike Isaac