Tuesday , February 27 2024

Morayo – Let It Be Lyrics

She has on the uneasy face/ The same one she wore yet yesterday; yet again.
She knew she was slipping away/ She knew what the doctor would say hey.
She didn’t grow up in a church/ And she never made time to go looking for God.
But she’s always known that there was more/ She tries to make sense of it all.
“Whats after the goodbyes?” “This life what come after it ends?”
“Is there hope for a soul / That don’t know where to go?”
May Grace light her way home/ Let it be.

He never did could see the point/ He never understood the fuss to believe
Forsook all religions of course. “If there’s God then which one is the one?”
“Should we worship them all?” “Should we be our own god?”
May Truth rise above all/ Let it be.

Can’t doubt who You are, but i can’t say the same
For the many who are yet to see Your Face
But I know not to fret thank You cause
You left Your Spirit of Truth/ To lead the people to You
Who dare to seek after You whether they’ve seen a Bible
I know your Word will hold true.

You are God/ You know all/ You are Love/ You are Just
Let it be!

Just tell me what to do and i’ll do
Just tell me where to go, and i’ll go
Just tell me what to say/ Lord teach me how to love
and I’ll do/ as you lead/ as you please

When I wake up on the other side of eternity.
I pray somehow i’ll find You.
When i’m seated on the right hand side of God
I pray to find out/ That grace had found you too.

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