Wednesday , May 29 2024

Morayo Music – Adupe Lyrics

You’re the only one constant love in my heart I can’t deny
Cause no idea is profound enough to heal the hurt inside
You’re the only one consistent Truth in my heart I can’t despise
Cause I don’t see no philosophies there for more when i’m cold in the night
You keep me a’ coming to ya
You keep me running right back to ya

Adupe ese o Baba e Baba o ha
Adupe ese o (2es)

Day and night, night and day in the bustle of each day
In the midst of the dark the light regret success creation calls out your name
Action speaks louder than words / Ideologies mean nothing when you need
something real, something real
So when it’s all said and done, i’ll be running back to ya
You keep me a’ coming to ya
You got what I need Lord

For every sand in the glass;
Every reference to the past,
Lord it only makes sense to stick by you now
And for the shaky days, Just like the days before again
With you solid rock I will wait out the storm

Adupe ese o Baba e Baba o ha
Adupe ese o (2es)

Now I never did claim to understand everything
Like why do children also have to fall victim to sin,
And why the world so messed up?
When you gonna come?
Exactly how do you plan on judging this world?
Will you cross the seven seas to come a’ looking for me
When you hear the winds are breaking through and telling you
That I am sorta outta tune; Breathing toxic fumes; suffocating Truth
Stuck in the web of lies the devil told, you see the enemy spoke, and I listened
Will you spilt the read sea in two once again to come and save me; remind me
That my hope isn’t found in the daily struggles of the know, and unknown
But I know You still rule in the affairs of mere humans
All the other stuff we’re just gonna have to wait and see.

Adupe ese o Baba e Baba o ha
Adupe ese o!