Saturday , July 20 2024

Naomi Classik – Heart’s Cry Lyrics

Oh lord my God, 
This is my heart’s cry
To follow you everyday,
To walk with you everyday.
Oh Lord my God
This is my heart’s cry
To walk with you everyday,
Here’s my heart’s cry.

Verse 1
I go wrong so many times,
Even when I don’t know it,
But if I follow your steps
I won’t fall no,
I hold your hand
I won’t go astray
I follow you
I will never fall, 
This is the cry of my heart.

Verse 2
Every minute of my time,
Every second of my life
I wanna be with you,
I wanna be close to you
This is my cry
All of my days I wanna follow you
Oh Lord, oh yeah

This is my heart’s cry

(Oh lord, Jesus, my heart’s cry, I will follow you
Yes I walk with you lord, hear our cry, we will walk with you, Jesus, Nigeria will walk with you, the church will follow you, we all will follow you, cos we know there’ll be a turn around in the economy of Nigeria, our leaders will follow you, man and woman, boy and girl will follow you oh God, from the depth of my heart, from the depth of my soul, I cry, I cry, hear our cry, We cry, we cry, oh God, hear the cry of our hearts..)

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