Wednesday , May 22 2024

Nathaniel Bassey – Book Of Life Lyrics

This is the story of a brother
Who slept and woke up in forever land
He looked around nothing’s familiar
He wondered how he got to be there
He took a walk around the city
And saw this brick house with a small door
Walked into the room and saw a man in white
Must be an angel,so he said.
Mr angel I’m a stranger don’t know what’s going on
The last thing I remembered was I slept last night

This is the border town that takes you where you get a crown
Must have heard of heaven where you came from
Only those whose name I find written in this book of life
Will forever be in paradise

[Chorus] Is your name in this book of life
Is your name in this book of life yeah

Ta da da,ta da da da,ta da da da da da da

[Verse 2] Flipping the pages of this great book
This brother gave a puzzled gaze
He saw the names of prophets,saints and marthys
who kept the faith and won the race
But he said Mr angel! Where is my name
Can you tell me what is going on
I’m a pillar in my local church
Gave the offerings and the tithe
Feed the poor and have myself a good name [Chorus] Is my name in this book of life
Is my name in this book of life yeah
Tell me is my name in this book of life
Is my name in this book of life yeah

[Verse 3] Unforgiveness lurks within your heart
Some folks that you’ll never let go
Little foxes and secret folks
Will spring surprises on that final day
Wow oh oh oh,wow oh,oh oh,oh

So much for this wonder brother
What about you,what about me
Let him that thinks that he stands
Let him take heed lest he falls
Only the pure in heart will see Jesus
Those whose garments filled with purity


Think about it.

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