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No One Lyrics – Cobhams Asuquo ft. Nosa

No One Lyrics

Verse 1 – Cobhams

I will lift my voice to you lover of my soul
I will bring my praises to the one who makes me whole
In the morning I will rise with worship in my heart
‘Cause ten thousand tongues are not enough for me
To say to you just what you mean to me, You’re amazing

The beauty of your creation tells of your greatness
Season after season they proclaim your faithfulness
Sun, moon and million stars they sing of your greatness
Ten thousand songs are not enough for me to give to You all the praises

You are holy, You are worthy
You are high and lifted up
There’s no one like you Lord
You are holy, You are worthy
You are high and lifted up
There’s no one like you Lord

Verse 2 – Nosa
Your love’s immeasurable your mercy’s never old
You alone can satisfy the longing of the soul
There’s nowhere else I’d rather be than bow before your feet
‘Cause a ten thousand years in worship still won’t do to give you the praise that’s due to you

Repeat chorus


You are the immortal, invincible only wise God
And your ways are unsearchable awesome God
And all of creations they sing in one accord
‘Cause ten thousand tongues are not enough to sing of your goodness and your love

Repeat chorus

To gbe ogo kari ogo (Placed glory upon glory)
Alade Ogo ma wole (King of glory welcome)

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