Tuesday , May 28 2024

Olabode Abayomi – You’re the God I Love Lyrics

You’re the God I Love, I worship you with all my heart
You’re the God of love, Father break through, and set this child apart
And turn to me! Show you’re face so I believe
My God of love will out do my enemies

Verse 1
Holy God, Give ear to me
Preserve my soul, For I’m in need
I lift my voice and cry through faith
for Holy God you answer me

Verse 2
Teach me God your ways of truth
how the nations worship You
How Your love for me is great
For Your glory, show Your grace

King Jesus, I adore you
You are merciful and good
King Jesus, my refuge
Unite my heart to Yours
Now grant Your strength to me
And turn my eyes to see
King Jesus, your majesty

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