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Olapraise – Pray Hard Lyrics

Ni tori Olorun l’orun…eh!
Oh..oh… ai..
Ni tori Olorun l’orun eh!
Gbadura, gbadura.. dada
Ni tori Olorun l’orun…eh!

At time when find so many things
Don’t run, cos you go face reality
The once you are seeing and saying..
No remedy
Remember philipains 4vs4
Rejoice my brother I say rejoice
Be full of joy and trust in Da Lord
And always focus to His mighty word
Oro Olorun laye ee koni lo lai se
The will of God go must be surely done
At time ti oba rope kosi nkoko

Pray Hard (x2)
Call: won ni ko gbadura dada
Resp: Pray Hard (x2)
Obaa gbadura dada!

At times you’re fine at times you’re nice
Na that time them go say, you dey
Form too wise
At times you pray with no delay
Na that time dem go say,
Che na you holy pass
Dey want to fast for you
Cos dey won catch
Now you go dey confuse like,
Where is the way through..
Just believe your self
Understand your self
And make your bible your best friend
And always be set
Cause this life were we dey
We nono who won catch who
Dey want to backbite you,
Dey want to, dey want to,
Dey want to wuruwuru you
Dey no want make you see breakthrough
Dey no want make you realise the Christ in you
Just tighten your belt…
Tighten your belt..tighten your belt and start to dey
Start dey…


So many ..many time,
You go pray e go be like say
God no dey answer your prayers
Remember the days of Daniel
They’re demons like priest of the Persia
Garm your hands!
Down to feet!
Start to dey say..
Agbani lagbatan mi ooooo
Baami mo de si e l’orun
Oya wa gbami ooo…ai!
Mamaje ki oju timi oo
Cos this battle I’m seeing are Yours


Outro: Pray har……d (x2)
Pray har…………..d (x2)
Gbadura dada……a..a (x2)

Pray har…….d (x2)
Pray har……….d (2x)
Gbadura daada……..a..aai (x2)

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