Sunday , April 14 2024

O’Nifemi – Baba Ese Lyrics

P.p.p.piano on the beat
Ooh ooh ooh
O’Nifemi on the mich eh
O’Nifemi oh
Are you ready for this!

Ese o Baba o
For Your grace, Imela
For Your love
We say, Nagode

Ese o (Ese Ese)
Baba o (Ese)
For Your grace, Imela
For Your love (for Your love oo for Your love)
We say, Nagode

Verse 1:
So many times I use to wonder
How I deserve this kind of love
Showered on me by the Most High

Sing chorus twice.

Verse 2:
Declare His glory among the heathen
And His wonders in all the earth
For the Lord is great
And greatly to be praised.

Sing chorus twice

F’ore ofe aanu ife Re ti morigba Baba
Call: Nagode
Resp: Nagode 2*
Call: Imela (Onyenememah)/Aghunechemba
Resp: Imela 2*
Call: Eseun o Baba a (Alagbawieda, Maparo Oye e) Pelu ijo lese mi Baba
Resp: Eseun oo

O’Nifemi on the mich eh, O’Nifemi oh