Thursday , December 7 2023

Only You Lyrics

Its only one God.
Its only one God.

Only you has all the wisdom
only you can change it all
Only you Has all the power
only you can change it all

Verse 1
Every tonque
Every heart
Every Life
Every tribe

We will worship
We will Praise you
when we go though our darkest time

We surrender it all
to the true God, only you
Only you /3ce
Can Change it all

Repeat Chorus

We all lay down it all
to the true God – Only you
Only you /3ce
Can Change it all


And when words fails us we say – Its Only you
Its only – Its Only you
Its only you JESUS – Its Only you
That can turn things around – Its Only you
When all other fails – Its Only you
When there is no there to help – Its Only you
And i`ll look unto the hills – Its Only you
from whence cometh my help – Its Only you
My help comes from the Lord – Its Only you
The maker of Heaven -Its Only you
And the maker of earth – Its Only you
I Join my faith with yours – Its Only you
and we say its – Its Only you
its only you God – Its Only you
We believe in – Made a way for me
Only you can make my destiny
Only you can turn my life around
Only you


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