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Onoja – On a Regular Lyrics

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Onoja – On a Regular Lyrics

(Chorus )
I live ma Life on a regular
Gat the Father the Son the Holy ghost
I live ma Life on a regular
I boast Christ be dey Confidence (Repeat)
Verse 1
I live my Life on ma Regular
I’m 3 in one but I’m singular
Your mate for Church dey pray kabash
You dey shout a Goal for Cinema (Ahh!)
Aunty mi aunty mi Aunty Tina
You fresh, You slim Angel-lina
They say make you pray j 3 16
You dey form this ain’t Twitter
My pastor, your pastor is preaching na
You don’t want to listen you’re going out
My brother my sister the end is near
The Word, the Word ! is the stamina
Praise and worship is going on
You don’t partake you’re chewing gum
Repent repent repent that habit is illegal

Back back to the regular
You should pray on a Daily the formula
Inspire the kids, transform their Minds
Ma niqq! Always stay relevant
Back back to the regular
you should pray on a daily the formula
Influence the street, Affect their lives
Ma nigg! Never lose Relevance !

Verse 2 (D’pitas)
Start up my day with a sweet devotion
Good morning Holyghost I make proclamations
Soaked in the spirit like I’m deeped in an ocean
Then I step out to carry out my functions
The father’s course is what I’m living for
I put my life on the line it’s worth dieing for
Hands on the plough, aiming at the goal
Fix my eyes on the target no detour
The devil’s got nothing on me, the devil’s got nothing on me (Oh yeah)
Shielded under the father’s wings, shielded under the father’s wings (Oh yeah)
I roll with the King of kings, I roll with the King of kings (Oh yeah)
With Him I reign supreme, with Him I reign supreme (yeah)
Life-giving spirit on our inside so we give life to dry bones when we speak
We battle from the standpoint of victory
Slingshot, Golliaths kiss their feet in defeat
3’s up. We’re real, we’re righteous, we’re relevant
We’re real, we’re righteous, we’re relevant
That’s how we do, that’s how we do, that’s how we do on a regular.

(2 Verse )
The system the system is failing now
We stand In The Gap We ain’t selling out
Steering steering Hands on the plough we ain’t looking Back
S/O to D’P Ma Family We Winning this War as Family
Stay real stay real eye on the Goal we ain’t Looking out here


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