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Onoja – State of Mind Lyrics

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Onoja – State of Mind Lyrics

Ama Say a Very Shout out to Everyone Living with the Conscious of Mathew 28:20
You can see the Harvest is Plenty But the Laborers are Few
Fact is G O D be Coming Very Soon! Y’all Know That

Verse 1
Rap for the Lord mehn not for the Gold/Jesus Soon be Back for the Soul
Don’t waste your Life you Ain’t Gibberish/On this matter maka Feverish
Ringing the Gospel Bell Maka am Town Crier/Stop wasting your time he’s the Time Keeper
Saver of my Life he’s the Goal keeper/guilding your Soul daga Lucifer
Study the word to stay Functional Living my life as a Cautional
Check it down to Mathew chapter One verse thirty three
Allah na tare damu Aka Immanuel its Written in the Manuel
I serve God in a daily man don’t Do it in any Annual
Joke apart in this Matter
This can be the Last Hour
Few minutes to Judgement day
He can come at anytime so get ready like Every day
This is so Spiritual
I’m sick with the Flows No Recovery

And Please don’t mistake me for an Upcoming Rapper
The Rule is Never neglect the Gathering of the Brethren
But if by any Means We’re Misunderstood by the Brethren I Pray that Wisdom and Understanding be Added to the Brethren

Verse 2
I put God kamar prefix koma na bisa Kamar Suffix
I never run Dry his ma Sources
Bro i tap em this is Moses
Pathfinder, My founder
Hebrew 12:2 he’s the Author
He finished it in John Nineteen
Its my Time time to take Over
I speak Now with the Spirit
this is My Kingdom state of Mind
He died on the Cross

This is no Remix, This is a Remit
Not my Illusion, Call it Remission
Or Redemption onto Salvation
Unconditional no Recession Sai
Procession, Prison Na Ai na Fita
The Goodnews ma, Na Kyautar
Don kyauta na sam’e sa Ibiles Kai Katatara Gidan na Bana Kaba
Idon ka mar Kara
Yesu ya Chi Zabe
Babu Dan takara
Feeling Cool Kankara,
My Heart Clean Karara
Slap the Devil Papapa
Devil call Rashi
Heaven call gani
Samuel 3:10 Read it mehn with no offense
Onoja Onoja without me Danger

I’m Never Here for the Grammy
But if by Grace not Luck
I’m Nominated for the Grammy
You should know that Winning Soul is the Highest Grammy Cos Heaven is where I’m Aiming
S/O to G-Advocate

Verse 3
Believe and Get Relief the King of Kings
He cares for you
No matter the storms and Up and Downs its Gonna be Calm Just give it Time
Here and there is just a T
Walk by Faith and not by Sight
There’s a God that Fight for Us
Put your Truth and Might in Him
Christ the Solid Rock I stand
Reliable than Aso Rock
He Right my Wrong and Light my Path, I’m feeling Alive like 5 Alive
He watered my life like Cankanà
Believe his word fa yar uwanta
It must com 3 pass fa dan uwana
Believe Receive Relief Selah!

Ama Say a Very Shout out to Everyone Living with the Conscious of Mathew 28:20
You can see the Harvest is Plenty But the Laborers are Few
Fact is G O D be Coming back Very Soon So I Had to State some Fact
About Eternity In which Thy took me as a Misfit
But I still bring you Good news
The One You missing and Dissing
I go by the Onoja Aka tha Lyrical Surgeon
E O D the EP Coming Soon!


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