Tuesday , July 16 2024

Ose Praise ft. Apostle Johnson Suleman – Favorable God Lyrics

Favorable God……

You are the Favorable God
You are the Favorable God
You are the Favorable God
You are the Favorable God

You are the (Favourable God)
Jesus… (Favourable God)

The Prophetic
I want to Prophecy
The same place others pass
And they have problem
You will pass it and nothing Will Happen to you,
You will pass it and Prosper
{Because You are Favored}
The same Country where others are hungry
You will Prosper.
Where others are crying,
You will Celebrate.
{Because You are Favored}

Your Name is Higher
Above Other Names,
Your Name is Jesus
Your Name is God.

The Prophetic
I Decree that this year,
You will not be a question
You will be an Answer
The favor that you have not experience since you where born
You shall experience it..
Whatever has stolen your rest and your peace
I command them to rest in pieces
And I pray for your Children,
Their Live will contact
Strange Favour
In the name of the Lord Jesus…

You show me favour
Favorable God

You are my Provider
You are my Promoter
You are my Protector
You are my Healer