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Pompi – Kapena Lyrics

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Pompi – Kapena Lyrics

Verse 1
Icho chitundu nichi ziba
(Translation: I can understand your language)
I can understand your language
Manje manta, manta, manta, manta
(But fear, fear, fear, fear)
Cos I have done a lot of damage
I don’t want to break your heart
Cos there is no insurance plan for that
Pa njila ya recovery
(on the road to recovery)
Right here right now is where I am at
But your patience sincere I know
Flyer than a UFO
Kakambidwe (the way you talk) and a step like so
Flyer than a UFO
Is who I am enough for you
Pay back aint got the capital
Or so I thought, you see a king in me and I think I trust in you

Ukani uza ni chikondi
(If you tell me its love)
Kapena mutima uza kondwela
(Maybe heart you will be happy)
Ngati ni chikondi
(If its love)
Kapena mutima uza konzewa
(Maybe heart you will be fixed)
I will take my tears and fears and I will
Drown them all in your grace appeal
Ngati ni chikondi
(If its love)
Kapena mutima uza konzewa
(Maybe heart you will be fixed)

Verse 2
I recognise you
Kansi ndine sinenzo ona
(Realised its me who didn’t see)
Are you love by any chance
Cos I have a restraining order
But I want to take a chance
Hello miss mankwala ya mutima
(Hello miss medicine of the heart)
Can I have this dance
Don’t wanna look back like silly me
Nchito ni accountability
(A job is about accountability)
So ku kamba va zoona ka warning
(So to tell the truth here is a warning)
Bamani uza nili boring
(They tell me that I am boring)
But you, you are a different story
You find a brother kind of charming
Sini yopa chikondi like I used to yeah
(I don’t fear love like I used to yeah)
Hi5 to the future


Verse 3
Ni shusha na mutima but I am loosing
(I am arguing with my heart but I am loosing)
Ine ati pole pole (I thought take it slow) but my heart is steady cruising
How can it be nkalata (Letter) to the cupid
I told him his bow and arrow been nothing but a nuisance
But sini yopa chikondi like I used to
Me and her Hi 5 to the future
Uyu eve ni reality check
Fantasy is what Hollywood is breaking families with
I know, being perfect I wont manage
I bet you even MacGyver got bad habits
Or prince charming on a horse looking like a boss
But when I talk probably got my L and Rs backwards
She got my back tho
Got yours flaws and everything aka chipuba chako (your fool)
Like an obsession in remission you became color to me like a tayali exhibition


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