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Welcome to our Questra World Review. As you already know, we thoroughly research all investment opportunities ourselves before presenting them to you.

Based on our beliefs and experience, it is possible to earn a lot of money online with Questra World. That’s why we tailored this Questra World Review specifically to present you with an awesome online money making opportunity to help you increase your investment portfolio and secure your future.

Questra Ouick Facts

  • Status: Paying
  • Payment Processors: OkPay, Advcash, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, E-Payments,
  • Minimum Deposit: €90
  • Minimum Withdrawal: €50
  • Category: HYIP, Paid Review
  • Referral Commission: 11 Level Deep up to 15%

What is Questra Holdings and Why Should You Invest In It?

1x1.trans - Make Money Online With Questra World

1x1.trans - Make Money Online With Questra World

Questra Holdings has 2 arms:

1. Atlantic Global Asset Management (AGAM)

This is the investment arm of Questra Holdings. You invest in AGAM investment portfolio and earn 3 – 6% weekly. AGAM invests your funds in the following ways:

  • Trading the IPO market (initial public offering) ; this is the first time the stock of a private company is offered to the public. They once purchased stocks in companies like Facebook, Tesla, Alibaba.
  • Auctions
  • Purchase and selling of debentures (A debenture is a type of debt instrument that is not secured by physical assets or collateral. Debentures are backed only by the general credit worthiness and reputation of the issuer. Both corporations and governments frequently issue this type of bond to secure capital).
  • Real estate
  • Private investment/businesses
  • Bought over Cape Verde Airlines

Check out the full list here:  http://atlanticgam.es/global-impact

Now, let’s take a look at some Questra Holdings Company numbers :

  • Working in the European market since 2009.
  • Questra Holdings has official partnerships with many clients in 28 European countries.
  • The company has more than 158 employees.
  • The company has 25 Managers that they spread client’s investment to for proper management and diversification. The average of each Manager’s profit/loss is what is declared as the Weekly Company profit. It is from there each client is paid to their respective packages.
  • 88% of all conducted deals turn out to be profitable.
  • In 2015,  Questra Holdings company made 231,140,899.00 euros in pure profit to the.
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2. Questra World

This is the affiliate arm of Questra Holdings where you earn affiliate level commissions and bonuses on each sale targets reached. It is possible for you to make from 10 euros to 1 million euros in Questra World.

See their referral structure/career ladder below:

1x1.trans - Make Money Online With Questra World

They have their offline office in Spain, and all the partners and investors of the company are warmly welcomed there to receive additional information or even to make suggestions to the company.

1x1.trans - Make Money Online With Questra World

What Makes Questra Holdings Real And Sustainable?

  • All invested funds are truly invested in REAL online/offline businesses
  • Invested funds are INSURED (up to over 53 million euro reserve funds), so the fear of losing your capital is zeroed off.
  • No flamboyant bonus payment plan that eats deep into company payments to Investors.
  • Company leaders are openly seen at company trainings/leadership meetings.
  • Diversification of investments to safeguard against complete loss of investment capitals, though the use of 25 Fund Managers.

What Do You Earn?

Listed below is the average monthly earnings of AGAM packages AFTER all commission deductions.

  • 90 euros package – 3% to 3.5% weekly = 12% to 14% monthly = 144% to 168% in a year
  • 270 euros package – 3.5% to 4% weeky = 14% to 16% monthly = 168% to 192% in a year
  • 810 euros package – 4% to 4.25% weekly = 16% to 17% monthly = 192% to 204% in a year
  • 2430 euros package – 4.25% to 4.5% weekly = 17% to 18% monthly= 204% to 216% in a year.

And so on. All packages are in multiples of 3. The Higher the Package, the Higher the weekly/monthly/yearly profit

1x1.trans - Make Money Online With Questra World

1x1.trans - Make Money Online With Questra World

1x1.trans - Make Money Online With Questra World

How To Sign Up?

  • To sign up, CLICK HERE.
  • Enter your phone number with your country codes, active email and my agent ID : P09201488614653.
  • Click register wait for your password via sms.

1x1.trans - Make Money Online With Questra World

  • Select personal fill up detail and password you receive via sms.. if you dont receive an sms? enter your email and click resend by email… your password send to your email.

How To Verify Your Account

1x1.trans - Make Money Online With Questra World

  • Verify your email first.

1x1.trans - Make Money Online With Questra World

  • Check Your Email and click on the verification link.

1x1.trans - Make Money Online With Questra World

  • For Id verification choose 1 valid ID . Scan back and front no crop.

1x1.trans - Make Money Online With Questra World

To verify your address, upload one of the following documents:

  • Bank/Credit Card Statement from your bank.
  • Confirmation of the bank of the account opened in your name.
  • The registration page of your passport.
  • Notification from your State Tax Service
  • Certificate of registration of your vehicle (both parties)

Document Requirements:

  • The document must contain your name and surname
  • The document must include your home address
  • The document must be no older than 3 months, an exception: a registration stamp in the passport, residence address indicated in the driver’s license
  • Photo has to be in the format of JPEG, PNG or BMP
  • Photo must not exceed 1 MB

While waiting to verify your account you can deposits or add funds even not verify and buy portfolio to start earning.

How To Add Funds

1x1.trans - Make Money Online With Questra World

1x1.trans - Make Money Online With Questra World

1x1.trans - Make Money Online With Questra World

  • Check your balance after successful funding. You may need to wait for a few minutes to allow for the deposited funds to reflect in your Questra Account. When the funds reflect in your account, you can then buy a portfolio equivalent to the deposited fund in your account.

1x1.trans - Make Money Online With Questra World

You can have a look at this PDF presentation for more information:


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Telegram /WhatsApp Digit:+2348038857416

Thank you for reading our Questra World Review.

Check out this Questra World Review briefing with one of the managers of Questra Holdings below:

Also watch this Questra World review video about the “Leadership” event in Kiev:

Watch More Videos About Questra Holdings Here

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