Wednesday , April 24 2024

Royrex – BNCH WRMRS Lyrics

I am just rapping off the don’t
Mehn, I wrote this on my note
Just watched a couple SLAP Battles
Thank God that stuff is grown
Conviction Versus Guilt
Holding On and Giving Up
I thank y’all for using Rap Battle mehn, to spread the Word
Christian philosophy is what I’m talking bout
And a lot of y’all have messed up views about my God
Trials, Temptations, Tribulations and all of that
Some even think that the devil is God’s messenger boy
I know it’s crazy

Keep your mind straight it’s full gazy
Colossians 2:8 beware of some philosophies
At the top hommie is the only place that you can spot me
You can’t stop me like the rapper Andy with the glasses
‘It’s Complicated’ I speak ‘Da’ T.R.U.T.H.’ and you’re laughing
When I say God didn’t cause all the things that have happened
The genocide, killings and even the 9’11
People died, rose up and told us they went to heaven
Oh really?

Omo my guy, see deception
From most of the Christians, mehn even the pastors
They tell you to bring your tithes or boy God’ll curse
And He’ll destroy you and give you over to the devil
That’s wrong, I don’t even know where I’ma start from
But Jesus is the right one
And I can’t stand Christian Rappers
Who say His name less to get famous
Appreciating secular media outlets
It’s J you’ve been Given (JGivens)
The Son of Man is risen

He took away your sins and trust you’ve been forgiven
Delivered, like Angel Michael wearing the Jordan
And I’ma tell I won boy battle is over
It’s real and stop praying prayers like these
‘Lord if it be your will, tell the devil to chill’
Boy you have the God power, send the devil away
And you have the will of God mehn, pray it always
You gotta get another ride cuz this roller-coaster’s stolen
Deceit got me paralysed, Oh my God I’m frozen
And lately, damn I’ve been living in depression
Take it off of me boy, I can’t handle the pressure
And Satan be like ‘Oh but you can handle pleasure’
And you can hit the girls that’ll be staying in your area
Oh you from Nigeria
Oh it is in lineage

And you are mine now, you’ll be seeing from my vintage
Hey, stand up buddy, you can have a good sequel
Condemnation has been dealt with in details
So don’t go sinning but keep believing
And never roll with the Sadducees cuz they’re Sad-to-seeing
I used know a guy once who was battling addiction
He did it over and over again till he was weaken
He started flipping a lot of pages of the scriptures
Guilt came but a stronger one did, it was conviction

It would convict your dead and ignorant mindset
My people perish only because of lack of knowledge
You got injured from your sins, Grace is the bandage
And never let the devil mehn keep you on the average
You’re the blessed of God
So steady stay at the top
Keep bulldozing demons
Like you falling a house
It’s just a matter of time before we see in the clouds
In glory with the Father singing worthy you are
It’s Real

Yo! Don’t be a BNCH WRMR
Don’t Act Christian, Be Christian.
(The End)

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