Thursday , July 25 2024

Same Og – Carry Me Dey Go Lyrics

As I dey look…
E be like say…
Everybody know somebody, somehow you must have somebody,
If not, O boy nothing for you….
But I must go,
Don’t care if no one I know,
I walk by faith and not by sight,
I’m more than a conqueror
So I say this prayer to you…….

Darling JESUS…
Na only you I know….
Carry me dey go
On my way

Darling JESUS…
Na only you I know….
Carry me dey go

Lead me on my way.

I lift up my eyes to the hill,
Forever ti ti lie lie, I will,
From Whence cometh my help,
It cometh from above,
No be from abroad.
So I must go
Don’t care if no one I know,
This one thing I trust, I put my heart upon
Say Father you no dey fail oooo…….


For I know the earth is the Lord’s
And its fullness thereof
So I choose to follow you
Yes you raise one up
And can pull down lock up
So Its best I stay with you

Sometimes my head wanna blow like a BOMB….
But I take rest, Yes in your Word I rest,
Never failed before, Not now, Not yet
Double cross my chest, I can’t be a wreck
So hear my SONG…
There is no plan B, Some may call me zombie
That”s only their P*, My trust is only on Thee.
And spreading out my wings I fly
Like God in a race; with Grace I drive
Rough rider; solid faith I no get time to faint
So I lift my head high ; sky fly
Baba no let me cry or die nah…
Na only you I know walahi
Just carry me dey go.


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Thanks to Same Og