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Turn Me Around Lyrics

Samsong – Turn Me Around Lyrics

Turn Me Around Lyrics


Church boy, Samsong
It’s another one, Boogie down

Yo yo yo…

Baba God
You too dey do for me
Na wetin I go do
To make Your heart jolly

I give You my money
You say You nor want my money
Chai omalicha chim
Bia were nkpuro bim

Call & Response
Asu dey tell am…kpekeremo
Kefee dey say…kokoroko
Frank Edwards dey say…mma mma okoro bia dinma

Okposo dey say…wellu wellu
Samsong dey say…odogwu na agha dike na agha
Nara ekele mo

The goodness of the Lord dey turn me around
Make me wanna dance
Even though I nor wan dance
Body go dey move me

Turn me around
Make me wanna dance
The goodness of the Lord dey make me shout

Call & Response
The goodness of the Lord dey make me shout
Iye iye iye iye oh oh oh oh
Wetin you don do…iye iye iye iye

My mouth nor fit talk…iye iye…my body go dey move me
I want to testify
But I cannot quantify
The goodness of the Lord
Goodness of the Lord make me want to shout

I don come
With the voice You gave to me
To sing that song to You
Know it will never be enough

My shelter and my shield
The lamp unto my feet
Chai omalicha chim
Bia werey nkpuro bim

Call & Response
Tim Godfrey dey say Agidigba
Joe Praize dey say mighty God
Sinach dey say…yes oh I know who I am

Steve Willie dey say hay yay
Lange dey say nagode
Chris Morgan dey say achanu lebe ka wanmo ooooh

Repeat Chorus

Call & Response
Obu gini kange nedi chukwu oo…Bia werey nkupro bim
Ego nile werezurungi oh…Bia werey nkpuro bim
Ukpola nile zurun gi oh…Bia werey nkpuro bim
Aku minile ezurun gi oh…Bia werey nkpuro bim

Wonye oma, Umu oma
Tul oma…bia werey nkpuro bim
Iye nile werezurungi oh…Bia werey nkpuro bim

Chukwu oma na re kele mo oh…Bia werey nkpuro bim
Chukwu oma narotito oh

Repeat Chorus

Ah han
It’s your church boy
GID on the beat
Boogie down…yeah…yeah…yeah
Here comes another one

Yo yo yo….I’ll see y’all

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