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Sustain Your Blessing

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(#1 Daily Devotional Tract by Dr. Isaiah & Lianna Wealth)

🗓 Tuesday, 27th June, 2017.

(Philippians 4:6)
“For even in Thessalonica ye sent once and again unto my necessity.”

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Spiritual growth occurs with successive obedience to the Word of God. Our text today highlights the disposition of the believers in the Thessalonian Church; they continued steadfastly in what they have been taught, sowing continuously towards the spread of the Gospel. Glory to God!

God has no pleasure in those who draw back (Heb. 10:38). Instead, He wants you to go from one level of mastery to a higher one every day. Taking due diligence to put into practice all that you have been taught by God’s Spirit through His Word is the way to attract God’s honour upon your life.

You can grow faster in your spiritual life and be honoured by God if you would put systems in place to help you attend to and obey God’s Word consistently. If you know how to pray, strategize to pray even more. If He has given you the grace to give, seek to give more. Seek to be better and more consistent with everything He has committed into your trust. Glory to God!
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(Say Amen to these):
🔸Receive grace to be consistent with your walk in Christ in Jesus name.
🔸As you step out today, may your strength be renewed like an eagle in Jesus name.

🔸DO THIS: Strategize with the Holyghost on better ways of walking with the lord on several matters. Spend time to speak in tongues and receive ideas on what to do.
🔸SAY: I decree and I declare that the lord has first place in my life.

1 KING 7&8,1 JOHN 5, PSALMS 8

Let’s pray for Nigeria 🇳🇬…

Just a little above half of its population are Christians. 13% are unreached with the Gospel especially in the northern part. Missions vision which was birthed in the 1970’s has resulted in a great revival in nations as Nigerian missionaries is helping lead the way for Africa-wide mission mobilization.

🙏🏼We are praying that the door of the Gospel in the unreached states of Nigeria be opened.

Dear Father, help me to stay in course and not draw back in my commitment to you in Jesus name.

Dear Father, I thank you for your love towards me and for making available to me all things that pertains to this life and godliness. Because you are a good God, you have prepared a great future for me and given me your Holy Spirit to guide and teach me to excel in all I do. So, I yield my body, soul and spirit wholly to you this day; order my steps oh Lord and have your way in me in Jesus Name. Amen

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