Saturday , July 20 2024

Tebz Smith ft Samzy Sam – My Whole Life Changed Lyrics

I see the Light
I know the truth
He’s got my life
I was a fool (that’s right)
Sometime was blind
Now I see so bright
His grace has got me out from sin O yeah I’m free
O yeah I’m free
My whole life changed, my whole life changed (that day)
My whole life changed, my whole life changed (right there)
My whole life changed, my whole life changed
My whole life changed, my whole life changed

Verse 1: Tebz Smith
Alright now Stop!
Got some very few things to say let me start from the top
I was weak every week in my sin so scared I will burn
Lots of pain, lots of fails, lots of fakes, I thought I was done
But nooo, I got a testimony
Everyday I feared for my life
Paralyzed, mesmerized, (yeah, yeah) with my life
Improvised with the vice every way I fell so short, short, short for the vine
Yeah! See my life all clay, when I fall I break
Boy I left my maker, engrossed with my killer, got no filter, no meter, with a full tank on my way to the heater
On my way to the fall I was brought down
Depressed with own ways I was knocked down
I became someone people can trust, my friends be like o yeah he changed now
O yeah He did it
Brought me out from my sins He cleansed me
People be calling me pastor now
I no too like am
The koko is my old life is that my old life is past me now
I’m redefined and sanctified
I can now speak against the former now, don’t even try to stop me now
I’m free in him
He can save you too and free you too
No matter what you think you’ve done so wrong
His blood is much to wash them all
He paid a costly price to get you out don’t wait too long

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2: Samzy Sam
Man I was a living dead, more like ’em zombies
Tending my cravings, all about flesh, slave to my own will
So blind to the truth, chilling with addictions
Seeing light as darkness and vice versa, stuck in delusion
I was chasing vanity and my selfish dreams, I was empty
Without Jesus Christ the truth, I was living everyday in sin thinking I could be what I wanna be
But never thought of where I’m gonna be,
Hell, if I never murder me
I was fast on the wide lane moving to the burning hell till I met the King of Kings
He saved me cos I was on my way to the fire buddy
I’m brand new y’all look at me
All of my pains’re in the past buddy
That’s why I speak the truth which is Christ
So y’all be free from ’em lies
Man I’m in Christ’s train join that ride
I’m free buddy like them blacks
Is anybody there that wanna be free too
Anybody that wanna get rid of his sins
Buddy just come right to the truth
And the devil’s lies are gonna make you sick bruh
Cos buddy you’ll be redeemed from within
And your past will be past cos
Sin is old fashion, this is new school
I was living foolish till I got Christ the truth, my whole life changed.

Repeat Chorus

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