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The Galaxy – Hell Naw Lyrics

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The Galaxy – Hell Naw Lyrics

Made strong!
Hell Naw!

Am I ever gonna quit? Hell Naw!
Will I ever leave your presence? Hell Naw!
cause you brought Me from the streets
and clean Me up and now I’m living like a King,
Lord I’m grateful

Verse 1:
Forever I’m Grateful
Forever I’m Thankful
I’m always gonna praise you
you tend to be faithful
never gonna leave you
looking above you
hoping to find you
searching the clouds for your blessings
and testify all his Glories
forever more will I serve him
no matter the time
no matter the place
I’m always gonna worship and praise your name
I believe am a light
I believe I will shine
take a little time to shine bright like the stars

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2:
Hell no!
look at my life I dey shine Bro
God just dey bless no be lie no!
everything I touch just dey turn gold [just dey turn gold]

ah be living like a baller
shining brighter than the sun
look at my life it’s a proof
HALLELUJAH to the Lord
cause he picked me from the mud
the devil now came like a fraud
i told him to leave like a frog
cause JESUS CHRIST is my lord
He’s my lord and my saviour
He’s God of everything
and I’d be walking like a soldier
you better run cause am coming
moving fast like a truck
a soldier for the lord
and ah be fighting,ah be praying
for better days ahead
lord help! lord help!
cause ain’t ever gonna quit [hell no!] cause ain’t ever gonna leave[hell no!] cause ain’t ever gonna run [hell no!]

Repeat hook

Verse 3:
Why should I back out
Christianity is my identity
of prosperity with no immorality but dignity uh!
Holyghost just cant stop blessing me
his promises are sure he’s not a promise breaker,
his words are forever true, he’s not a liar.
my father, blessing me no matter the weather,
am not afraid anymore cus have got Holyghost
backup no blackops
he’s my seeker, my prison breaker,
he heals me when am sick now am free from disease,
the devil wants to kick me out of his presence,
no way cus am not gonna go anywhere, hell no!



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