Wednesday , June 19 2024

The Name of Jesus Lyrics

Jesus your name is sweet
Jesus your name is great
No other name can compare to your own o
Now and for ever your name will reign

Verse 1
Your name is wonderful, your name is counselor
Everlasting father, the Prince of peace
When we call your name, Satan is confused
When we shout your name
The earth will the tremble
At your holy name every knee must bow
And every tongue confess that you are the Lord

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2
Great Jehovah who art in heaven
You’re a strong tower the pillar of the earth
To the sick, you are the healer
To the lost you are their redeemer
You are the saviour to the sinners
All mighty God how great thou art


Verse 3
The name is fire and the name is thunder
When the enemies gather
They will surely scatter
We lift your name above every other names
You’re the Lilly of the valley
The morning star, the rose of sharon
Lion of Judah
Oh Emmanuel, God with us

Chorus 2×

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