Monday , June 24 2024

The wait is over Lyrics

Oh yeah
Clap those hands

The wait is over
Am so glad it’s now my turn
No devil can stop me now
The victory is mine
The wait is over
Aren’t you glad it’s now your turn
No devil can stop you now
The victory is yours
Your time is now

Verse 1:
There are times, there are seasons
To each and everything under heaven
Am glad to let you know it’s now my turn
Am a man of destiny
No breaks no mountain hindering
Every day, all day am scaling
The wait is now over
Yeah the set time has come
My time to shine
My time to glow
My time for rising
Have got the victory
It’s flowing over me yeah
No devil can withhold me

Verse 2:
There’s a time for war
And a time for peace
You facing hardship but am saying you better than this
He made all things beautiful in His time
So wipe your tears and say to yourself
Say no more wants
Your pains are over
It will be your turn
So you just trust Jehovah
Am created for destiny

I need you to proclaim to yourself
That it’s your time
Your season

It’s my time (x4)
It’s your time (x8)
It’s my season (x8)
It’s your season (x8)
Welcome to your new era
The wait is over

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