Wednesday , April 24 2024

Tim Godfrey – Hero Lyrics

Wetin i for do who I for call o
If e no be you how I for run o
Baba o, na you rescue me e e e
No money for pocket, no food to eat,
My shoe na so so alignment, no house to sleep,
You come rescue me, that’s why you be my hero

[Chorus] Oh na only You be my Hero
Na on only You I go follow
Why you love me so….
Even when I don lose hope
Everybody give me long rope
You come rescue me
That’s why you be my hero oh

[Verse 2] Na so dem dey call me mumu
Their mouth dey chop me like fufu
Dem yab, dem laugh me, reject me, eject me, dem even say i no go school,
Thank you baba u no dey look face, thank you baba you no get two face, na you rescue me
That’s why you be my hero.

[Bridge 1] I dey lonely,only me,
You come love me
Come lift me
My spirit, my soul take control, my heart and my love
My hero hero

[Brigde 2] When dem reject me,eject me,dem wound me,dem wan kpai me, dem no know say na because of you i still dey o!

Na only be my hero
Na only you i go follow