Tuesday , July 16 2024

Tomiwa Immanuel – About You Lyrics

Maybe they don’t realize that you have feelings too
Maybe they don’t know that you love attention too
‘Cause you made everything, everyone in this world for your pleasure
But we go through life running with our own plans
My job, career, the clothes that I wear
The cars that I drive and the house that I lay my head in
“When will I blow, when will I become rich and famous” are the questions most are asking,
asking these days
When it should be

All about You
All about You
All about You
Jesus, all about You

Verse 2
So many go through life trying to find their purpose
They fast and pray, climb the mountain, but what do they find
Some self-centered goals and desires, so many iPeople
But the bible says that the purpose of life is to know Jesus and to make Him known
Ooh tell the world about Jesus, tell the world what He has done
Jesus, the center of it all ooh

Repeat chorus

My mind belongs to You, my heart belongs to You
I give it all, Jesus, all about You
My life belongs to You, it all belongs to You
I give it all, Jesus, all about You