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Top 12 Intercessory Prayer Points For Couples

Top 12 Intercessory Prayer Points For Couples

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Welcome to Acken Blog. Today we will highlight the Top 12 Intercessory Prayer Points For Couples. Every married couple should always pray these prayer points for their marriage and for other couples.

Marriage is a wonderful institution founded and ordained by God to bless man. Through marriage, man is to express the love of God, bring forth godly offspring, multiply, and subdue the earth. It is indeed a great blessing to mankind. But when a marriage fails, it becomes a great disaster. Robbers, prostitutes, corruption, and an ungodly nation are some of the consequences of a failed marriage.

Today, marriages are under constant attack, resulting in the ever increasing rate of divorce, even among christian couples. This is because most married couples do not yet understand 1 principal truth: Life is Spiritual, therefore, it must be approached and handled from a spiritual standpoint. Likewise marriage. It is a spiritual union designed by God, A Spirit Being. If you must maintain and sustain your marriage, there is no other way to do it than the spiritual way; by Prayer and The Word of God.

Do not be deceived into thinking that your marriage is secure because:

  • you have money
  • you wow your partner in bed
  • you know all the marriage principles
  • you have attended all the marriage seminars in the world
  • you have studied all the marriage and relationship books in this world
  • you are a marriage counselor
  • you’re a good christian

All these are good and commendable but you need PRAYER to maintain and sustain your marriage from the spiritual realm. You need to pray constantly and specifically for your marriage and for your spouse.

So let us have a look at the top 12 intercessory prayer points for couples. Every couple should pray for their marriage using these intercessory prayer points. You could also use these prayer points to pray for other couples.

Top 12 Intercessory Prayer Points for Couples

  1. Pray that your marital bond will become stronger each day and that the love of God will be evident in your home.
  2. Pray that the presence of God will be evident in your home and that you and your spouse will come to know the Lord intimately.
  3. Pray for God’s provision in your marriage.
  4. Pray for the Wisdom of God to abound in your marriage and that you will become planted and serve God dedicatedly in a local assembly or church.
  5. Pray that the favour of God will increase in your business and finances.
  6. Pray that Christ will be center of your marriage.
  7. Pray for God’s protection over you and your spouse.
  8. Pray that you will raise your children in the fear of the Lord.
  9. Pray against any form of bitterness, unforgiveness and unfaithfulness that can hinder your relationship with your spouse.
  10. Pray that you and your spouse will learn to understand and speak peaceably to each other and be submitted one to the other.
  11. Pray that you and your spouse will be fruitful and be in health, and that your children will also bring joy to you.
  12. Pray against every form of attack of the devil against your marriage.

You may pray any other associated prayer for your marriage as the Spirit of God leads you.

Prophesy what you see as you pray. Use the phrase “I decree and i declare that” as you prophesy.

Spend some time to speak in other tongues together.

God bless you and preserve your marriage. Amen.


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