Wednesday , May 29 2024

Tsway – Superstar Lyrics

My Superstar (2x)
My Superstar yeah my Superstar, star my Superstar

Rap verse 1
Yeah You’re my superstar nobody greater than you are yeah created in your image top quality toast to that vintage
Like the wind in one direction Holy Spirit got me intuition
Just like in flights I face turbulence but God’s got me seat-belt confidence!
Your light shining on me like shekinah, the best is yet to come semifinal
Can’t thank You enough it keeps flowing grace so abounding makes me glowing
Hh men word for the season took me out of darkness now I’m living, I’m you I live move and have my being I’m free! “Shaped” by the spirit not “plane” but I’m “fly” sky is my base touchdown and I’m high! Blessed are my hands works and my life got a superstar in me I fear nothing I’m untop of the world I’ve fallen in love with the bestest gotta love he’s the greatest! He’s my only one He’s my my…

Repeat Chorus

Rap verse 2
Yeah you the living one superstar you the best no better one yeah I gotta admit it I’ve fallen many times saved me sin beat it! Uhn! I surrender all to you my master got my back yes you my defender got my front like a fender I render praise to you forever and ever. Stay positive like a proton saved me as a kid you my voltron nobody can compare remaining the same yesterday today and I follow you anywhere you line me up in pleasant places got my dance tight no laces none can ace this heeeeeey!
And when they try to pull me away i “shadrach” so they try to pull me some more I “mergeshaq” (meshach) now balling the court they “abeg n go” (abednego) coming back they testify that they love the flow. Surrounding my table like a home theatre everything has changed for me all na tear rubber..been “tagged” by the spirit yeah I “like” this.. Jesus superstar you can tweet this!

Repeat Chorus

My ever present help my shield and my defense you are my hiding place you are so wonderful nobody can do the things you do

Heba! My superstar say you my my superstar yeah….say you my my superstar

Repeat Chorus

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Thanks to Tsway