Saturday , July 20 2024

Uche Monye – I Pass Them Lyrics

From the beginning
You know I am already predestined
Am not talking mistake
I dey this plan
Am not moving
this’ my inheritance
There is something you really should know

Baba God is inside of me (I Pass them)
Am above only can’t you see (I Pass them)
I come from a special kind of breed (I Pass them)
I Pass them, I Pass them.
Principalities and powers(I Pass them)
In this very life and the other (I Pass them)
We no dey the same class e yes
I Pass them, I pass them, I Pass them!

Verse 2:
Am forgiven, Justified
Am anointed, Oyelfied
Separated, Sanctified
I am hidden in Christ, I am fortified
All my blessings, agidigba.
My Promotions, Higher Higher
My testimonies, longer longer,
Na who dey do am, na my father father.

Repeat Chorus

You suppose know who you carry
You suppose show who your God be
Oya reign, rule and prosper
I say reign rule and prosper
Light of the world, salt of the earth
Oya reign, rule and prosper!

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