Wednesday , April 24 2024

Val Dimension – Grace Works For Me Lyrics

Verse 1
I see the stars
I see the moon
I see the wonders of your hands
I see favour
Favours everywhere
I see the way you brought me through
Lord I see the battles you won all through
And I see victories
Victories everywhere
And I hear people dying
Nations falling
Business crumbling
But we are Spreading on every side
On every side
A thousand shall fall at the right-hand side
Ten thousand shall fall on the other side
But am not moved because the greater one lives in me

Grace works for me
I don’t know about you
Grace is all I see
The word works for me
I don’t know about you
The word of God is real (repeat)

Verse 2
Do you see what I see
Do you hear what I hear
That in spite of everything
The church is marching on
Am not moved by what I hear
Am not moved by what I see
Have got Jesus
Jesus all the way
Though they say there’s a casting down
I will say there’s a lifting up
Of my hands, of my hands

Repeat Chorus x2

Hook: the word works
The word works for me x3

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