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Victory Dance Lyrics (Remix) – Jaymikee

Victory Dance Lyrics (Remix)

Verse 1

Yup! It’s me again
With praises in my hands
From the in-depths of my heart and my soul
From my head to my toes
I could not comprehend
The way that I feel inside
This heavenly joy and pride
That I’m in the lineage
And it’s my privilege
To know God, He’s by my side
You thought that I was joking
You didn’t wanna listen when I was talking
But now you see the evidence
Of a living God who made my heart His residence
Now that’s the reason I’m running around
That’s the reason I’m jumping up and down
That is the reason I’m holding this mic.
And I’m telling you that forever and ever

I will sing, I will shout
I will raise my voice and scream out loud(Hallelujah)
I have the victory (Hallelujah)
To the alpha, and omega
The one who was, and is, and is to come
We will sing (Hallelujah)
Now let me hear you sing (Hallelujah)
Let me see you dance x2
If you have the victory let me see you dance
Oh let me see you move

Moni ijo ope re da?
(Where’s your dance of thanksgiving?)
Ijo ope mi re e o
(This is my dance of thanksgiving)
Moni ijo ope re da?
(Where’s your dance of thanksgiving?)
Ijo ope mi re e o
(This is my dance of thanksgiving)

Verse 2
I cannot stop to wander
Why the Heavenly Father, the Jehovah
Never ever looked at my blunder
Instead He said come unto me
We are gonna stick like bread and butter
No one should ever put us asunder
Here are my wings you can come and hide under
I will protect you from the stormy weather
He has never disappointed
That’s why I’ve been appointed as the anointed
To blow His praises from the valleys up to the mountains
You might think I’m crazy
But this is who I am and why I am where I am
To praise the I Am that I Am
And so forever and ever

Repeat Chorus

Artist: Jaymikee (Joshua Mike-Bamiloye)
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