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Your Majesty Lyrics

Verse 1
Yeshua is your name, forever you’re the same…
The lifter of my head, and the ruler of the earth..
You turn darkness into light, strong and excellent in might
King of Kings, Your Majesty, Jehovah
and we hail your Majesty, Jehovah

Repeat Chorus

Jehovah (4x)
King of kings, your Majesty, Jehovah
And we hail your Majesty, Jehovah

Repeat chorus with parts

Hey, we lift you high lord, Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey
Jehovah….. Jehovah….

Solo: King of kings, your Majesty, Lord of Lords your Majesty
Back Up: Idi ebube, idi omimi (meaning ‘you are great, you are unfathomable)
idi ebube, imaranma (meaning you’re great, you’re beautiful)
Solo: we ascribe you Majesty, as we hail you majesty and we bow before your throne, to enthrone you Majesty.
we will lift you up, king of kings and lord of lords yeah…
King of kings your Majesty, age to age you’re still the same
as we crown you majesty, forever you will be….
Your excellency, Jehovah, and we hail your Majesty, Jehovah..

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