Tuesday , May 28 2024

Another Miracle Lyrics

He was a blind man in Jericho, so blind he couldn’t see
Sitting by the roadside, begging- please give me some money
One day he heard the sound of the multitude

And he was told that Jesus Christ of Nazareth was passing by,
He cried and said “Jesus, Jesus, Son of David- Have mercy, mercy on me”
He wouldn’t hold his peace, so Jesus said “what do you want me to do for you?”
“Master, Master!!, My eyes, I wanna receive my sight”
Jesus said “Receive your sight, your faith has made you whole”

It’s a miracle (Talk to me)
Another miracle (Talk to me, talk to me)

Mary and Martha lost their brother, Lazarus
He was gone, four days in the grave,
He was dead, very dead.
When Jesus showed up, He commanded- roll that stone away.
Martha feared and said “Hey, Master, by now he’d be stinking”
Martha, Martha!! Didn’t you hear me, when I told you that,
If only you believe, you’d see the glory of God.
Then Jesus cried with a loud voice and said,
“Lazarus, come forth”
And he who was dead, came walking out from the grave. (talk to me)

There was a woman; she had an issue of blood
Twelve years of pain, doctors gave up on her.
She spent all the money she had,
She lived in desperation.
One day she heard Jesus was passing by,
This is what she said,
“If only I could touch the hems of his garments,
I know I will be made whole”
And that’s exactly what she did, and she was healed!
The same Jesus of yesterday, is still alive today,
And He’s doing many more miracles for all who care to believe.!!!

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