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Benjiszzy – The Exodus Lyrics

Redemption Music
Eledami o o!
Yeah, its been a long time coming
Its been the Lord’s doing
Started from the bottom but now the top is my address
Many people won dey vex, but who won curse man wey God don bless?
My Genesis, this is the Exodus…

As it was in the beginning
Life father Abraham, I’m moving
This is the Exodus
[My Exodus, this is the Exodus] In YOUR name I’m believing
With YOUR power and Love prepare me
For my Exodus
[My Exodus, this is the Exodus] Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me,
Everyday to the end of my life e
This is my Exodus
My Exodus, My Exodus…

It was a new music era in the year 2010
Music got alive again from a brother called Ben
A new chapter then began, A new character was born
Oh My!! I could still remember back then
When we used to move from studio to studio
Nobody on top, so I was down like a bungalow
Then I met Spikey, Byky, Soundprince, Gadaffi
We’re all soldiers no bufallo
Dedicated to the cause, dedicated to the struggle
Although I’ve got too many things to joggle
So I began my Exodus to bring you The Chronicle
But things fell apart like the walls of Jericho
I was convicted by Jesus on my way to Damascus
Turned a new Leave, redemption music now the new cause
Critics wanna eat us like locust
But with your banner over us, we’re more than conquerors

See how You revealed Yourself, I call it revelation
Some say Your ascension is a fiction
But Lord I Believe in Your crucifixion and Your resurrection on the third day for my redemption
Holy art thou You were made sin, Recondition
For my reconciliation with the Father, You died on the cross as a substitution
Now I’m a new creation,
And yeah! Righteousness exalts a Nation
But No, we’re living a world where he phones have gone cordless
And humans gone godless, I’m restless, Nevertheless
This is the definition of the situation of this generation
There’s no love for God its an infatuation
Brothers getting high but on dope like its an institution
Sisters broken, lack of hope now into prostitution
Wrong leaders rule the nation, believers losing direction
We must rise and make a revolution

Redemption music is the movement, Exodus
Although we’re falling we shall rise again, Lazarus
The church is marching on, gates of hell can’t be stopping us [Ah!] We’re more than conquerors,
His blood has paid the price for us
I wish upon you Jesus
I ain’t got a genie
For the life and the money, all you gave me freely
So no reason am bro, Oluwa she funmi
We no be polish, but why dem won kiwi? [Kill we] 14 bullets lowo otun mi
Wonrokpe film tricks ni
Awon ota ni iro ni
Shogbo Olurun je increase mi
Shogbo ofin owo kpe

Olo dami
And I’m still alive, I bless You baami!
Yeah I still reminisce, throw back thursday
Witness say I’m a boss, shey mo je rozay?
Olorun dasi, awon ota, throway
2015 ejoor baba, open my way
I wanna be right, never to go wrong
Oh Lord! Reignite Your love in me
Fill my days with Jubilee
And in affliction, please help me to stay strong
To strong in You, loving You, wanting to be found in You
And you in me so I can feel brand new
Steady hungering for You, never to say Adieu
Until Zion comes to be with You & also be raptured with You among the few.
So my heart I give over and again
With all my heart and no bargain
Open the floor gates of heaven let Your love reign
On me, again and again
Till it drawn every flesh and my spirit man remains Ah!
Feeling fly like a lion in the jungle
Jesus set me free now I’m unchained Django
You need a spectacle to see the man I’ve turned into
Oh my goodness this is wonderful

Repeat Chorus

[Instrumental till fade]


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Thanks to Benjiszzy