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Isioma – Why Lyrics

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Isioma – Why Lyrics

Intro: Ahh.. (2x) Isioma, Donl37

You don’t know why
I do what I do
Mmh uhn uhn
Mmh mmh uhn uhn
Jesus is the reason
For the season
That’s why I do ahh
I do what I do (2x)uh

Verse 1:
When I wake up in the morning time
(echo: every time when I wake up in the morning)
Couldn’t sleep cos of thoughts that flood my mind
(echo: all these things they be disturbing my mind real hard)

Thoughts of what the lord has done in my life
He turned me around
Gave me a new sound
I can’t help but to call his name
Cos he helped me dispose all shame
Some chase after all that’s vain
But for me I’ll serve jesus again and again
The one who doesn’t serve him
Will have himself to blame
In jesus name is contained all gain
He’s my lord and my friend
When I’m weak he defends
He was whipped and despised
And was spat on by men
So that everything go blend both for me and my friends
I go continue to hail am
I no go ever rest!

Verse 2:
What really is the aim of my claim
Mmh uhn uhn
Mmh mmh uhn
His love for me makes me exclaim
Mmh uhn uhn
Mmh mmh uhn
You find out
That I’m hard to tame
There’s no shame in my game
I will proclaim his name
With his word in my heart
I will heal the lame
And the one that is maim ahh
I dare not defame the son of man
For just mere me he overcame
I’m a dame full of flame
I reclaim and acclaim my surname
And jesus’s the same I cannot misname the lamb to the slaughter
For me he became
Ahh I cannot misname
The lamb to the slaughter
For me he became!

Provider, protector, promoter that’s you (eh oh)
Deliverer, my defender, my redeemer that’s you(eh oh)
My father, my saviour, my lover that’s you (eh oh)
My healer, my keeper, uplifter that’s you(eh oh)
Lets go!

Eh oh…
I do what I do(2x) all because of you…
I do what I do,all because of you…(4x)


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