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Kelvin Onuku – You Do Well Lyrics

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Kelvin Onuku – You Do Well Lyrics

Verse 1
So many reasons to praise your name
So many reasons to lift my voice
You are the fountain
Fountain of my life
You are the reason am here today
Lord I place my life in your hands lord
Lord am grateful,so grateful
For all you have done for me
Promise keeper you are to me
For not a man you never lie no no
Lord I give you my heart,i give you my soul

Chimo chimo chimo
Chimo chimo chimo chimo!!!!
Lord I call you Everyday..

Papa you do well o
Papa you do good o
Papa mo oo

Verse 2
Every morning,every day,every hour
Lord you were there with me
Lord there’s no one no one can take your place
Mountain high , valley low,rivers flowing
Lord you are amazing
What manner of man are you oh lord
That you came to die for me
In times of trouble,in times of pain,in times of sorrows
Lord you were there
Oh am grateful am grateful
For everything you have done for me


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