Wednesday , May 29 2024

Jaymz Holy – He Cares Lyrics

(Jaymz Holy) Jesus loves you, yea. He cares, you’re never alone
(Wazih) Wipe your tears…yeah

Verse 1:
Trouble and problems come around staring at your face.
How can you run a thousand mile with shoe that have loosed lace?
Even when they say it’s well you feel you’ve got no price in the race.
Every time you fail thou you know that you did your best.
Trying to fix yourself among friends, but you have no place.
You even did pray and fast, for so many days
Patiently waiting just to hear what the spirit says
Feeling oppress you pouring water up in fire place
The anger blazing problems coming up in different phases
You’re feeling so alone and no one want to help embrace it
The best thing is to step back and lay it to the greatest.
Your sins He will erase itYou wrong He will backspace it
Correct it and replace it.Men that’s what His grace do
He will never leave, forsake or even forget you
Remember He promise He will forever be with you
Just stretch forth your hands and He gone walk you pass through every storms.

Verse 2:
He knows and love you mehn knows about all your worries
So wipe your tears Jesus Christ knows about your story
Retrace your steps with praise, His grace has no boundary
His mercies like sun-rays always new every morning
Yes He feels your pain too just know He never left you
Why being oppressed when you know the price He paid for you?
Forget the shame, walk through the pain and set your eyes on the crown
His arms are stretched, drop the pride and take a walk to Him now
Every day the devil wanna hold you down with lots of promises that’s never come to be
Breaking news, but it’s still stands bringing flashback from your past sins trying to weigh you down
Stand and raise your head up, not guilty Take the front line like an army on duty
He that is in me is greater than he, in this world
Walk over the shame and over the pain whatever you lost you can recover
With Jesus no failing, walking in faith and not fear cuz you know we’re not alone.
Jesus sees and He cares_ His yoke is easy and burden so light i can not lie
Whatever it is you’re going through count it all joy cuz you’re not alone.

Verse 3 (Wazih):
He knows each tears that drops and everything that you’re going through
His mercies endureth forever and ever (..and ever)
Jesus hears your cry, draw close and He will make you whole again yh yh yh
So wipe your tears, cuz you have a great assurance
That Jesus is yours…

Wipe your tears, don’t you cry
Cuz you’re not alone…
Take a step to the Throne of Grace
Where you find peace forever

No… You’r not alone
Jesus loves you
and He cares forevermore
Ooo You’re not alone…
you’re never alone

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Thanks to Jaymz Holy