Thursday , April 18 2024

R4JC (Rappers For Jesus Crew) – Mas’iyemeji (Never Doubt) Lyrics

INTRO: Haa haa its r4jc….listen up
CHORUS: Oya mas’iyemeji talk to your papa….ehhh
Mas’iyemeji still on the matter…ehhh
Still on the matter he’s blessing my wakka…ehhh
Mas’iyemeji he’s still my father…ehhh

Mas’iyemeji talk to your father ohh….ehh
Mas’iyemeji still on the matter ohh…ehh
Still on the matter he’s blessing my wakka ohh…ehh
Mas’iyemeji he’s still my father ohhh…ehh

VERSE ONE: Not me… never doubting
See blessings in folds…still counting
Mas’iyemeji..he’s the solid mountain
For my life him be the only captain
Esu n fun mi ni eye contact (the devil was winking at me)
O n pemi kin wa sign life contract (he is calling on me to sign s life contract)
I said no ‘cos God na my eruku (I said no cos God is my guard)
He’s the only reason i dey fresh and I look cool
We ain’t got nothing on we
Other than praise..cos your blessings are real
Wo baye mi se n banging (check out the way my life is banging)
Mas’iyemeji..ko de ni fi e si hanging (never doubt…and he won’t leave you hanging)
Se boun l’alpha ati omega tan so (He is the alpha and omega we are talking about)
The same God to arrest saul like hands up (the same God that arrested Saul)
Awon bad belle fe dabaru future (haters wanna distrupt our future)
But that’s when my God came into the picture


VERSE TWO: My rhymes are tight cos am lyrically bursting
So lyrically toasting
Mas’iyemeji…he’s the basis
From ages…we’re lyrically praising
Oya listen up…put your doubt one side
Moni loosen up….put your pride one side
Messiah to n sise iyanu(the messiah who works in wonders)
Baba mi asekanmaku(my father who completes what ever he has started)
Place your trust in God,he’s still God
No dey doubt my God at all…he’s still God
His ways are swift and can’t phantom
Good to me in ways i can’t phantom
Mas’iyemeji he’s still on the matter
You like it or not he’s still my father

VERSE THREE: Oya follow His way…(mas’iyemeji)
E go show you his face…..(mas’iyemeji)
No dey doubt my God….(mas’iyemeji)
My aladewura….(mas’iyemeji)

I guess you should have known by now
No dey doubt my God joor
Wales p production

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Thanks to R4JC (Rappers For Jesus Crew)