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Kida – Ma Gbega Lyrics

Common are you ready people
We’re just a praise away
Call: All my life

I’ll keep on praising you Lord
Kabiyesi oh, oh wei
I’ll sing and shout to you Lord
Ma’ Gbega, Ma’ Gbega
Ma’ Gbega, Ma’ Gbega
Ma’ Gbega, Ma’ Gbega

Verse 1
If we call to Him, He answers us
If we run to Him, He will run to us
When we lift our Hands, He’s gonna lift us up
Common Praise His name, Saints of God
One thing I know about my Father
He’s an awesome wonder (wonder), miracle worker (worker)
From the east to the west (there is no one like Him)
From the north to the south (He remains the same)
E ba mi gbe l’aruge Oba’yeraye

Repeat chorus

Verse 2
Magnificent Jehovah (oya se)
Mimo Jehovah (yeah)
Your Excellency Baba (Dansaki re)
Jehovah talk and do (talk and do)
I depend on you
Gbanigbani ti aye’nsaya
Eleti listen talk to me se
Tani emi o fi o we (tani mo fe fi o we)
Oba to’n se gudu meje (meje)
To lo korin kese (kese)
Arabataribiti Aribitirabata, Akoda aye
Kini mo fe fi san ore re baba, tewo gba’ope mi

Repeat chorus /2x

Ogbagba tin gba lailara
Oba ayeraye
Oba to’n se gudu gudu
to’n se gudu gudu
to’n se gudu gudu
Gudu gudu
Gudu gudu
to’n se gudu meje meje
Yaya mefa
Oba ayeraye

Magnificent Jehovah (oya se)
Mimo Jehovah (Omnipotent)
Magnificent Jehovah (Ancient of days)
Mimo Jehovah (say)
Magnificent Jehovah (Magnificent)
Mimo Jehovah (Omnipotent)
Magnificent Jehovah (King of heaven)
Mimo Jehovah

I have vowed am gonna give God praise
For the rest of my life
King of heaven
Take all the Glory
You are I am that I am
You are the most high God
Thank You

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