Monday , December 4 2023

Pat Obi – Favour Lyrics

Na the love wey you show me
Na im dey keep me eenh
Na the favour wey you show me
Na im dey shield me hey hey
As e dey do me papa, I nor fit hide am naso
Your world na im be my direction 2×

Favour na my name o
Favour na my portion
Favour na my name o
I am favoured by the Lord
I’ve seen His faithfulness
I’ve seen His mightiness
I’ve seen His awesomeness
And His kindness

Your grace and your love
Have given me reasons to shout
Your love and your kindness
Have given me reasons to sing
A thousand tongues to praise you
Would not be enough my God
To really tell how good
You have been to me yea 2x

Chr: Favour na my name o………..

Oh oh, oh Lord my God
When I go out ———- favour
As I come in ——— favour
All around ———— favour
Favoured of the Lord
Happiness ———favour
New beginning——– favour
O have got joy ———– favour
Favoured of the Lord
I’m refreshed ———- favour
I’ve got peace—– favour
Peace of mind……….. Favor
Favoured of the Lord

I’ll always thank you Lord
I’ll always bless you Lord
I’ll praise you Lord
For the things you do 2x
Chr: Favour is my name o

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