Sunday , September 24 2023
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Love Yourself Lyrics

Don’t trip
Aye baby girl
Don’t fall
Cos Christ got you
Don’t trip
Get a grip y’all

Verse 1
Can’t deny it girl you look good in that red dress
Don’t mean to cut you off but sweetie I digress
I heard all what you’re saying about your hair bin a mess
The baby phats is cheap designer so U vex
I saw you left your day job cruising in a Benz
And off to your night job cruising in a lex
You’re hard working, bold, confidently intellect
But You can’t get it right if u don’t go correct
Your eyebrow and your shimmy gotta match
Wake up in with makeup just to get you to relax
Can’t find your self, it’s shredded all apart
Lost in the world and found diamonds and pearls
But no love in the heart
Parts and pieces he turns peace
Casts all your burdens unto him and u get
Reese’s pieces

The name of Jesus Christ is vicious
He’s the reason why U gotta feel ambitious
You got that lil fire in you just let it burn
Wait till he gives you direction and then you make a turn
He’s birth paid the price so u and I could reborn
Insecurities u can’t secure security is God
So Look in the mirror say am beautiful
Cos am created in your image and you’re beautiful
Everything that you created lord is beautiful
Take my filth and my uglies cos you’re beautiful

Na you dey make me shako
Ife re lo je kin lulu Ayo kin Jo
Na you dey make me po
Dakun yago lo nun jekin carry go
To ri re ni mo shen shako
Drummer make you drum the drum and je kin jo
Na you dey make me demo
Say Na you be the reason I don dey carry go

Verse 2
You so beautiful and I mean that
You been goin thru a lot and I can see that
You already faced your problems and you beat that but they keep coming back and they asking you for a rematch
But you already got the victory
Christ came and he conquered all your enemies
Queen status you gotta know your identity
So Lean back and stop wasting all of your energy
Your make up don’t really make you up cuz u made of more so shawdy lemme take you up to a place before the devil tried to open doors
Stabbin you with his lies left an open sore
These men they keep lying to you
So pray to the holy father, He ain’t hiding the truth
He’ll lead you right to a man that had an eye on you too
And loved you when u was low and you ain’t know what to do
Baby girl you so special
I already know this and I ain’t even met you
Soul burning like a fire in a kettle
You can reach your dreams just put the pedal to the metal x2

Repeat Hook

You’re beautiful, you’re smart, you’re intelligent, you can do anything you put your heart to through Christ, whatever it is you’re going through right now i promise u joy comes in the morning, it’s better days ahead. Just Keep pressing. Keep on pressing.

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