Thursday , July 18 2024

Mr Champion ft Petex – Respect Lyrics

Flying jet in the building
Mr Champion
Nigz sup

Verse 1:
Oh Lord show me your way
Let me not go astray
When i kneel and pray
I see your blessings on my way
When I’m moving on the way
With my Lord i no fear
If you harass me eh
I go make u bow down for there
See i no devil is greedy
But no be for me
‘Cause now I’m running the city
All my people dey feel me
Never mind I’m the great
No time to hesitate
Devil u go regret
And you go show us Respect oh

Even devil itself gety respect yoo eh
when he see me coming he dey commot for my road yoo eh
Even devil itself gety respect yoo eh
when he see me coming he dey commot for my road yoo eh

he dey commot for my road yoo eh(oh na) ×4
Oh naniny nana

Verse 2
Who say devil no get respect
He gives me 100% sure respect
From the start he tries to put me inside casket but to no avail
Shockingly to him,he hears my caset
Right now I’m grooving my rocket
Jehovah don bless me no more kicking the bucket
Lot and lots money plenty in my pocket
People tries to criticize me
But now they wanna mesmerize me
Because I’m travelling to mayamy
To Chicago
To Toronto
To Morocco
I’m travel to London London London to London
I’m traveling with safety safety safety with safety

Repeat Chorus and Refrain

Verse 3:
Devil achoro m asiri
Putara m n’uzo ka igharu ibe ariri
Never mind na munwa bu nwatakiri
Chukwu enyego m ike ipia gi utari
I wanna tell you now
Etolu m etolu m nwanne see me now
You come dey ask questions si mu how
Ichoro ima onolo ihe nolonu cow
All my hatters wey say bullshit
Nwanne jee n’akuku gwuo your six feet
Chukwu enyego m ike now I’m so fit
So no talk much abeg close teeth
Nowadays Satan loose Godwin
When I’m coming nwanne blow the siren
Petex and Champion feeling as the king
Devil don bow that’s why we sing

Repeat Chorus and Refrain

Its your boy Mr Champion
Petex Larney
Nigz sup
We all belong to Heaven

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